Sealcoats serve to seal the top of the asphalt, there for preventing water from penetrating the surface. Sealcoats also beautify the pavement by providing a smooth, black, even surface ideal for painting lines and sweeping.
By applying Sealer such as Star Seal Coal Tar Emulsion, you can provent damage to your pavement and avoid costly repairs down the road.
 Sealcoats are designed for off highway use where there are low traffic speeds and tight turning such as parking lots, driveways, schools, stores, gas stations, etc.
Why Sealcoat?
What Causes Pavement To Crack?
How Does Sealcoating Help?

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Water continues to penetrate pavement causing larger cracks
Water is repelled preventing further damage and costly repairs.
Sealcoating protects the pavement from water, gas, oil, and UV rays against aging.
 Sealcoating costs pennies a square foot compared to the dollars needed to repair or replace damaged asphalt.

Generally you should wait a few months before sealing new pavement to allow it time to cure. The recommended waiting time is 3-6 months before sealcoating new pavement.
 After a surface has been sealed it should be re-sealed every 2-4 years or as necessity dictates.
 Assuming that the initial asphalt pavement was designed and constructed properly, the primary cause of failure is the penetration of water into the asphalt base.
 This process begins with the oxidation of the pavement surface which causes the asphalt to dry and become brittle, this leads to the erosion of the top layer of fine particles and the appearance of larger stones and small cracks on the surface.
If left untreated these cracks grow over time and eventually allow water to penetrate to the base of the pavement.
 When water enters the base of the pavement the base material moves and settles leading to further cracking and an "alligator appearance".
When the pavement reaches this stage the only option is removal and replacement of the old asphalt. Sealing cracks is the 1st step tords preserving pavement.
This will save you from costly repairs down the road.
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